It’s nice to meet you! My name is Bret.

I am a professional photographer based here in sunny Chicago. Okay, maybe not always sunny…

I specialize in aerial media and would love to work with you on your next project. I am a FAA licensed Part 107 pilot & fully insured for every project.


Bert? What’s with the name?

It actually started in college as a joke; the name stuck and I decided to roll with it. It’s catchy.

I hear you’re a pretty big Cubs’ fan. What’s the deal?

I am! I grew up in New York but was always a loyal Cubs’ fan. My dad and I would go to Cubs/Mets games every year. They always lost, but it was special. When I moved to Chicago, I wanted to capture all of Wrigley’s beauty. In the spring, I teamed up with WGN to share my work as part of their Opening Day segment.

Do you have a favorite travel experience?

In September 2018, I cycled 500 miles through 5 European countries with a long time friend. We then spent another two weeks touring Europe. During our journey, we stumbled upon Lake Bled in Slovenia. It is the most picturesque island I’ve ever seen.

How can I contact you?


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